When your business IT network is attacked or confidential data is accessed by cybercriminals, you must act quickly in response. DFI Forensics Inc. will help determine what happened, how it happened, what was accessed, what was taken and, if possible, who did it.

Cybercriminals and malicious intruders use a variety of techniques to continually attack business IT networks and access confidential data. These attacks often focus on:

  • breaching your IT network;
  • accessing confidential business or client data;
  • encrypting your network and shutting down your business; and
  • ransom demands.

These attacks have been on the rise for years, but are more prevalent than ever. Further, your business may be under a legal obligation to report these incidents to the Government of Canada or your customers or clients.

It will be important for you to have clear answers following an attack so you can:

  • have a crystal clear understanding of exactly what happened;
  • get legal advice from a well qualified privacy lawyer; and
  • work with an IT Security consultant to assess your organization’s need to make any necessary changes to minimize future attacks.

The future of your organization’s IT network and data protection initiatives begins with a thorough understanding of how you were victimized in the first place.

Data breach incidents involve attacks to your business’s IT network where data is stored. Sensitive business data or private and confidential customer and client information is routinely accessed during such an attack.

Data breach incidents are prevalent and disastrous to businesses of all sizes. You will never be happy about reporting to your valued customers and clients that their personal data was accessed by a malicious intruder. Your hard earned customer base and stable of loyal clients may lose confidence in your ability to protect their data and choose to do business elsewhere.

Furthermore, your own business data may have been accessed and copied by the intruder and could be exposed to your competitors or sold to the highest bidder in the dark places of the world wide web.

You will need to know precise details about your intruder’s activity during the unauthorized access to your IT network. Determining your legal obligations to report the incident to the Government, your customers or clients starts with knowing the details of the attack. DFI Forensics Inc. will get you the answers you need to know.

The IT network of your business is the telecommunication pathway that allows your business to function in our modern world. It allows communication, processing, sharing of data and information, receipt of payment and interaction with your customers or clients.

Your IT network is crucial to the functioning and success of your business. It is no wonder that it is under constant attack by cybercriminals with malicious intent. These attacks can harm you and your business by:

  • locking you out of your own IT network;
  • shutting you down temporarily or permanently;
  • preventing you from processing customer or client payments;
  • preventing you from accepting new customer orders or client business opportunities;
  • causing your customers and clients to lose confidence in your ability to protect their confidential information, causing to run into the open arms of your competitors; and
  • subjecting you to potential fines or penalties under the laws and regulations applicable to your business.

With such serious possible consequences to your business, it is vitally important that you understand precisely what happened and how you were attacked. DFI Forensics Inc. will investigate and comprehensively report on the unique facts of your particular attack.

The main goal of a IT network attack or data breach is financial gain for the intruder. In many cases, a ransom is demanded by the attacker and many victims pay.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, ransom demands are being made with payment in the form of valuable currency that allows the attacker to remain anonymous. Many businesses find it tempting to pay the ransom to have their data decrypted or otherwise returned to them intact.

If you have found yourself victimized in this way, you would be well advised to conduct a full post-data breach investigation to determine:

  • how your IT network was attacked or data accessed;
  • what data was accessed; and
  • whether the intruder continues to have the ability to access your data.

Once DFI Forensics Inc. gets you the answers you need to know, you will be able to understand your legal obligations following the incident, formulate a business strategy to respond to it and consult with an IT Security provider to minimize the likelihood of future incidents.